Tagus River Bridge Rehabilitation, Portugal

HMV designed manufactured and supplied the Air Spinning Equipment for American Bridge Company. A pair of new cables was spun to accommodate the installation of rail tracks and an additional road lane. The spinning The were carried out with a horizontal deflection at the cable bents as the new anchorages are located outside the existing anchorages.
The Controlled Tension spinning method was the same as on Storebælt giving a high performance at a moderate level of investment in spinning equipment and low need for man-power.
The wire was supplied on reels directly from the manufacturer, Tycsa in Spain giving a cost efficient spinning. The simplicity of the spinning equipment combined with the Controlled Tension method gave an almost non-existing learning curve and the total relative performance is the highest ever achieved taking into consideration that only two loops are pulled by the Spinning Wheels.
The two loops spinning was selected as the total amount of cable is only 3000 tons.