A/S Linjebygg had the main responsibility for erecting the catwalk, main cables and support cables for the suspension bridge over Gjemnessundet for the "Krifast" project.

In close co-operation with Linjebygg, we designed an A
erial Ropeway to haul out the Catwalk and main cables. We designed, manufactured and installed 2 Aerial Ropeways along the whole length of the bridge, (approx. 1200 m) with towers on the top of both the 108 m high bridge towers.

These Aerial Ropeways were also used to pull out the catwalk which was pre-assembled on shore ready for use. The ropeways were used to pull out all the main cables of the locked coil type. The dimensions of catwalk was therefor light in comparison to other projects as the cabled did not load the catwalk.

We also delivered equipment for lifting the main cables onto the cable supports and clamps for tensioning the cables.