Triangle Connection - Stord Bridge

The Triangle Contractors, a joint venture between Hollandsche Staalbouw Maatschappij bv and NCC Eeg-Henriksen Anlegg AS placed the order for the complete spinning equipment at Hordaland Mek. Verkstad AS. The Triangle Connection includes two suspension bridges with main spans of 577 and 677 m.  Aerial Spinning was chosen as cable construction method due to lower over all cost and lower maintenance cost. The total quantity of main cables on the two bridges is approx. 2000 tons. Spinning on Stord Bridge started early March under very difficult weather conditions. The Spinning was carried Out according to the Controlled Tension method with basically the same equipment as HMV supplied for the Tagus project. The bridge wire was supplied in 5 ton reels from the manufacturer Tycsa of Spain which gave a very economic solution as reeling of coils on site was avoided. When completed the spinning was the most successful ever. After completing the spinning on Stord Bridge the equipment will be transferred to BÝmlo Bridge for spinning of that bridge. This is the first time Air Spinning is used in Norway where Locked Coil cables have been the dominating construction method.